Looking for insurance?

We have mutiple different types of insurance available to cater for all of your needs, popular types are shown below however to view all of our different policy types please use the navigation above and select the one relevant to you.


We provide an unique in-house Help and Claims telephone facility offering service 24 hours 365 days.

FARM insurance

We can tailor your policy to your meet your requirements so that you are covered for everything you need but are not paying for aspects that are not applicable to your situation. This means that our premiums are very competitive and we are able to offer notable discounts to those with a low claims history.



Cattle Passports

Uncollected Milk

Goods In Transit

Crop Damage


Business Interuption

MOTOR insurance

Motor insurance, cheap or otherwise, can vary from one insurance provider to another. Often, not knowing all other features available to you means you lose out simply because you were not in a position to make the correct choice.


We offer insurance for vehicle types such as:

Car, Caravan & Motor Homes

Classic & Modified Vehicles

Motorbike & Moped

Vans, Trucks, Lorries & Fleet

Home insurance

The home is the single biggest financial investment the vast majority of us will make in our lifetimes. It makes sense to ensure that you protect yourself against any possible damage to it by taking out adequate home insurance.

Buildings & Contents

Accidental Damage & Flooding


High Value Property

COMMERCIAL insurance

With access to a large number of insurance providers, we are able to source a good selection of policies to suit your requirements, no matter which industry you operate in.



Licensed Premises


MARINE insurance

Investing in marine insurance for your craft makes sense. Unlike a house, it does not stay stationary but is exposed to two variable elements, the wind and the sea. The potential for damage is considerably higher.


Pleasure Craft

Fishing Vessels

High Performance Vessels

TRAVEL insurance

When you’ve booked time out and paid money towards your holiday, it makes perfect sense to protect your investment to ensure that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible and that you reap the benefits of your hard earned break. Travel insurance will cover you so you can have peace of mind while you are away, enabling you to enjoy your holiday.

Annual Travel & Tours


Seasonal Sports

Over 65's & Single Trips